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Turbines Here?
The Proposals Why We Object Science Economics Alternatives What To Do

- Landscape abuse

These huge turbines would be a gross intrusion on the landscape.

Visitors come from near and far to enjoy our magical coastline, iconic castles and unspoilt countryside.

The turbines would be visible from up to 25 miles away heic to png, wrecking the views around; everywhere from the National Park to the Heritage Coastline Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Views that the people that live here are lucky enough to enjoy every day.

Whether you like wind turbines or not, putting them here would change the landscape.

- Other factors

Noise - You'd hear them from up to 2kms away.

Birds - They kill birds and disturb their natural habitats.

Ecology - Turbines damage the natural flora and fauna.

Road safety - They'd be seen from a long, narrow stretch of the A1.

House prices - Expect a 25% drop in property prices in the area.

Tourism - We should expect to lose 25% of our visitors.

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