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Turbines Here?
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- Wildlife concerns

Each turbine will need a 1,000 ton reinforced concrete foundation each the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Introducing that amount of material into a delicate eco-system will damage it beyond repair.

Some of the soil, as you would expect on moorland and grassland, is peat. It takes 1,000 years for peat to grow to a depth of just 1ft.

Middlemoor and Wandylaw are the natural habitats of a range of protected species of both flora and fauna.

- Concrete

Now, let's say you had to make 35,000 tons of concrete. Would you call Readymix or would you just build your own plant on site? Concrete production is the second most polluting industrial process on earth.

35,000 tons of concrete buried in the moors will affect the water courses. Water courses that feed the supplies to many of the homes in the area.

- Traffic

Just getting the steel to reinforce the concrete up onto the moors would take 450 x 20 tonne lorry journeys. They would therefore need to create new roads and tracks from the A1 across the moors.

It's not exactly friendly to wildlife.

Look what they did in Wales