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Turbines Here?
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- In general

On the basis of "waste not, want not", is in favour of renewable energy.

But reducing carbon emissions is more about reducing the amount of electricity we use than about making the electricity we generate "green".

This simple fact over-rides any argument in favour of wind energy.

If this government was really keen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, they would be concentrating on the "reliable renewables".

- But this is not an ideal world

Electoral Commission records show that heic to jpg gave Labour £250,000 in February 2005 - during the run-up to the election.

Mr Doughty's investment firm, Doughty Hanson, owns LM Glasfiber, the world's biggest wind turbine manufacturer.

Far from ideal.

- Reliable renewables

Wind power is unpredictable - random and unreliable.

Tidal power, on the other hand, is entirely reliable and predictable.

Biomass and biofuel, or crops grown for fuel, are the real future for rural areas. They also allow us to generate electricity in exactly the same way as we do now from fossil fuels like coal and gas.

Ground-source heat, geothermal energy and solar thermal energy all have a great part to play in reducing the amount of electricity that we need to buy from energy companies.

These are the job-creating, no risk, low carbon opportunities for Northumberland.

Unlike wind energy, they bring jobs to the region and they reduce fuel and electricity bills at home.

So you won't hear the energy companies talking about them much.