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Turbines Here?
The Proposals Why We Object Science Economics Alternatives What To Do

- Step 1

You should make your objection in writing to Gary Mohammed at the DTI. You can e-mail him e-mail or write to him:

The Secretary of State
c/o Power Station Consents Unit Room V2121
DTI, 1 Victoria Street

You should be sure to refer to "Middlemoor"

It is very important that you make готовое питание с доставкой your objection on planning grounds - you can't just say that you don't like wind turbines.

Your letter should raise one or more of the following issues in order to be "valid":-

1 &nbsp Damage to Landscape Character

Both the area of the wind farm proposed at Middlemoor and the wider areas from which the turbines will be visible, notably the National Park, the North Pennines and Heritage Coastline Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Special Protection Area at Holy Island, will be affected. The turbines will be visible from the Castles at Alnwick, Bamburgh, Chillingham and Dunstanburgh and will interrupt the views from and of Ros Castle, Yeavering Bell, and the Cheviots. It will not be possible to travel from one North Northumberland Town to another, nor from the National Park to the Coast; nor from the Wall to the Border, without seeing the wind turbines.

2 &nbsp Economic damage

Wind tubine power stations take only 12 months to build, so any construction jobs will be short lived. Materials will not, in the main, be manufactured or supplied locally. The vast majority of turbines come from Denmark and Sweden. Any minimal economic contribution is likely to be vastly outweighed by the damage to the far more important tourism economy of the Region. Independent evidence supports this concern.

3 &nbsp Amenity

Visual impact and the exclusion of the public from the areas covered by the wind-farms will harm the amenity of walkers, riders, nature-lovers, ornithologists and all others who value North Northumberland's uniquely tranquil landscape.

You should also copy your letter or e-mail to your district councillor.

Alnwick District Councillors &nbsp Berwick Borough Councillors

If you live in Berwick-upon-Tweed Borough, you should also send a copy of your letter to:

Councillor John Taylor, Leader
Alnwick District Council
Allerburn House
Denwick Lane
NE66 1YY

If you live in Alnwick District, you should also send a copy of your letter to:

Councillor John Stephenson, Leader
Berwick-upon-Tweed Borough Council
Council Offices
Wallace Green
TD15 1ED

- Step 2

Write to your County Councillor:

Northumberland County Councillors

Please send a copy of your letter to:

Councillor Mrs Pat Scott
"Three Gables"
10 Broad Road
NE67 5SU

- Step 3

Alan Beith has already called for a single public inquiry into the five wind turbine power stations proposed in this constituency. Support him by sending him an e-mail at or by writing to him;

Rt. Hon. Alan Beith, MP
54 Bondgate Within
NE66 1JD

- Step 4

E-mail us at and let us know your contact details. This will be important for the next step.

- Step 5

We will need to object to the first application, for the proposal for Middlemoor, by writing to Alnwick District Council. You should not do this until they actually receive the application. The application is due to be received in a few days time. We will tell you when to write.